Modern Baby Boy Names Hindu 2023

Friends, If You Are Looking For Modern Baby Boy Names Hindu For Your Children, Then You Have Come To The Right Place, Here You Will Find More Than 300 Modern Baby Boy Names Hindu, And Here You Can Choose The Name You Like. Here You Have Been Given All The Names As Well As Their Meaning, Name Means What, A Complete Table Has Been Made About All These Things, Where You Can Know The Meaning Of Any Name In Detail. Here You Will Get To See All The Names From A To Z For Modern Baby Boys Names Hindu.

Friends, In 2023 You Are Going To See Many New Names And We Will Try To Tell You About The Same Name Through Our Posts If You Are Looking For A Nice Cute Name For Your Children And New Name If You Want To Find, Then You Can Find Through Our Website, Here You Are Also Told Its Meaning Along With The Name So That You Do Not Need To Search Anywhere Else, What Does This Name Mean To You In A Single Post. You Get To See The Name As Well As Its Meaning, Below You Have Been Prepared With More Than 300 Lists In Which You.

Modern Baby Boy Names Hindu List 2023

2AARYANOf Noble Birth, Pure
3AAYANGift Of God
4AAYUSHLong Life
6ABHAYANKARFearless Leader
8ABHIMANYUFearless, Brave
9ABHINAVFresh, New
10ABHINAVNew, Youthful
11ABHINAYAExpression, Interpretation
13ABHISHEKCeremonial Bath, Ritual
14ABIRFragrant, Scent
15ADHIRAJKing Of The Mountains
16ADHIRAJKing, Ruler
17ADIFirst, Beginning
18ADITFirst Born
19ADITYASon Of Aditi, The Hindu Mother Goddess
21ADITYANSon Of Aditi
24AKSHAJMighty, Imperishable
25ALOKBright, Light
26ANANDJoy, Happiness
27ANIKGod Of War
29ANIKETLord Of The World, Lord Shiva
30ANIRUDDHUnobstructed, Free
31ANKITConquered, Blessed
33ARAVINDLotus Flower
35ARJUNBright, Shining
36ARJUNBright, Shining, Silver
38ARNAVOcean Or Stream
39ARNAVOcean, Sea
40ARNIKSun, Fire
41ARUSHFirst Rays Of The Sun
42ARYANNoble, Of High Birth
43ARYANOf Noble Birth
44ARYANOf Noble Birth, Honorable
45ARYANOf Noble Birth, Pure
46ASEEMLimitless, Vast
47AVISun, Air
48AVISun, Light
49AVIKARUnbreakable, Unchanging
50AVIKARUnrestricted, Limitless
51AVIKARWithout Bounds, Limitless
52BHALENDRALord Of Light
53BHAVESHLord Of Speech
54BHAVINYoung, Like The Sun
55BHUMANLord Of The World
56BHUPENKing Of Kings
59BIMALPure, Clean
62CHAITANYAConsciousness, Life Force
64CHIRAGLamp, Light
65CHIRANJEEVImmortal, Long
66DARSHANSight, View
67DEBJITOne Who Has Conquered Gods
68DEEPAKLamp, Light
69DEVANSHPart Of A God, Divine
70DEVANSHPart Of Divine Light
71DEVANSHPart Of God
72DEVDUTTGift Of The Gods
73DEVESHLord Of The Gods, Lord Shiva
74DEVRAJKing Of Gods, Lord Indra
75DEVRAJKing Of The Gods, Lord Indra
76DHANANJAYWinner Of Wealth
78DHIRENStrong, Brave
79DHIRENStrong, Firm
80DHIRENStrong, Steadfast
81DHIRENDRAKing Of Bravery
82DHRUVConstant, Unchanging
83DHRUVFirm, Constant
84DHRUVPole Star
85DHRUVAConstant, Steadfast
86DHRUVAFirm, Steadfast
87DHRUVAPole Star
88DHRUVALConstant, Fixed
89DHRUVANKLord Of The Polar Star
91DHWANILBright, Radiant
92DIGVIJAYVictory Over All Directions
93DINESHLord Of The Day, The Sun
94DIVIJDivine, Heavenly
95DIVITDivine, Sacred
96DIVYANSHPart Of Divinity
97DURVAA Type Of Grass Used In Hindu Rituals
98DURVAASacred Grass
99DUSHYANTConquest, Defeat
100ESHAANBlessing, Grace
101ESHAANDesiring, Wishing For
102ESHAANLord Of Wealth
103ESHANBlessing, Grace
104ESHANDesiring, Wishing
105GAURANGFair, Beautiful
106GAURANGFair, Handsome
109GAURAVHonor, Pride
110GAURAVHonor, Respect
111GAURAVPride, Honor
112GAURAVRespect, Pride
113GAURIKBelonging To Lord Ganesha
114GAURIKBeloved, Fair
115GAURISHLord Of The Mountains
116GAUTAMBright, Shining
117GAUTAMName Of The Buddha
118GHANASHYAMDark As A Cloud, Lord Krishna
119GIRDHARHolder Of The Mountians
120GIRIRAJKing Of The Mountains, Lord Shiva
121GIRISHLord Of Mountains, Lord Shiva
122GIRISHLord Of The Mountain
123GIRISHLord Of The Mountains
124GIRISHLord Of The Mountains, Lord Shiva
125GOKULPlace Where Lord Krishna Was Raised
128GYANKnowledge, Wisdom
129HARDIKHeartfelt, Full Of Love
130HARDIKHeartfelt, Sincere
131HARENLord Vishnu
132HARISHLord Vishnu
133HARITGreen, Lush
134HARJITVictor In War
135HARPREETLove For God
136HARSHHappiness, Delight
138HEMANTHWinter, Cold
141HIRALALWealthy King
142HITESHGoodness, Happiness
143HITESHGoodness, Kindness
144HITESHLord Of Happiness
146HRIDAYHeart, Center Of Emotions
147HRIDAYHeart, Soul
149HRIDESHLord Of The Heart
151HRIDHAANHeart, Soul
153HRIDYAANANDJoy Of The Heart
155HRISHABHMelodious, Best Among All
158HRITHIKHeart, Soul
164INDRANILSapphire, Blue Gem
165ISHAANLord Of Wealth, Lord Shiva
166ISHAANSun, Lord Shiva
167JAIVictory, Triumph
169JAYANTVictorious, Conqueror
170JAYANTVictorious, Triumphant
171JAYANTILALVictory Of Jai, Triumph Of Victory
172JEETENDRALord Of Victory, Triumph
173JITANFull Of Life, Vitality
174JITENDRALord Of Conquerors, Triumph
175JWALANTBright, Radiant
176KAPILName Of Sage, Calm
177KARANA Warrior
178KESHAVAnother Name Of Lord Vishnu
179KESHTOHappy, Cheerful
180KIANGrace Of God
181KRIPAMercy, Kindness
183KRUPALKind, Gentle
185KSHITIEarth, Soil
187KSHITIJHorizon, Future
188KSHITIJHorizon, Point Of View
189KSHITIZBright, Shining
190KSHITIZLight, Illumination
192KUNALLotus Flower
193KUNALLotus, Purity
194KUNJGarden, Grove
195KUNWARPrince, Warrior
196LAVANYAGrace, Beauty
197LEELADHAROne Who Carries Divine Play
198LOKESHLord Of The World
199MADHAVSweet Like Honey
200MANAVHuman Being
201MANAVENDRAKing Of Man, Lord Indra
202MANOJBorn Of The Mind, Charming
203MANUFirst Man, Progenitor
205MOHANCharming, Attractive
206MOHANCharming, Pleasing
208MOHITEnchanted, Captivated
209MUKESHLord Of The Face, Lord Shiva
210MUKESHLord Of The World, Lord Shiva
213NAMANBow In Reverence, Respect
214NAMANBowing, Salutation
215NAMANSalutation, Respectful Greetings
216NANDAKISHORDelight Of Lord Krishna
217NANDANHappy, Cheerful
218NAVDEEPNew Light
219NAVEENNew, Fresh
220NAVINNew, Fresh
221NAVNEETFresh, New
222NAVNEETNew, Fresh
223NAVNEETNew, Sweet
224NAVRANGVibrant, Colorful
226NEERAJLotus Flower
227NEERAJLotus, Purity
228NIHALFulfilled, Satisfied
229NIHITTouching, Touching The Ground
230NILESHGod Of Wealth And Success
232NIRMALPure, Clean
233NIRMALPure, Unsullied
234NISHANTNight, End Of The Day
235NISHANTNight's End
236NISHANTNight's End, Dawn
237NISHITHNight, Dark
238NISHITHNight, Darkness
239NITEESHLord Of The Right Path
240NITYAEternal, Constant
241NITYANANDEternal Bliss, Constant Happiness
242NITYANANDEternal Joy
246NIVRITTIRenunciation, Detachment
247NRIPENDRAKing Of Kings
248OJASRadiant Energy
249OJASVitality, Energy
250PANKAJLotus Flower
251PANKAJLotus, Symbol Of Purity And Enlightenment
252PARAGFragrant, Grains
253PARMESHWARSupreme God
255PARTHPrince, Warrior
256PARTHAKing, Prince
258PINAKINLord Shiva, Who Has A Bow In His Hand
259PIYUSHNectar, Holy
260PRADEEPLight, Lamp
261PRAKASHLight, Illumination
262PRAKASHLight, Knowledge
263PRAKHARBright, Radiant
264PRANAVSacred Syllable Om
265PRANAVSacred Syllable Om, Revered By Hindus
266PRANAVSacred Syllable Om, Symbol Of The Ultimate Reality
267PRASADBlessing, Grace
268PRATEEKSymbol, Sign
269PRATEEKSymbol, Signature
270PRATIKSymbol, Emblem
271PREETLove, Affection
272PRITHVIEarth, Ground
273PUNEETPure, Holy
274RAGHAVDescendant Of Lord Rama
275RAGHAVDescendant Of Raghu
276RAGHAVDescendant Of Raghu, Lord Rama
279RAJEEVLotus Flower
280RAJESHKing Of Kings
281RAJIVLotus Flower
282RAJUKing, Ruler
283RAKESHLord Of The Full Moon
284RAVISun, Light
285RAVIPRAKASHLight Of The Sun
286RISHABSuperior, Excellent
287RISHABHBest, Excellent
288RISHABHExcellent, Superior
289RISHABHAExcellent, Supreme
290RISHIKESHLord Vishnu
291RITIKOf The Seasons
293ROHANAscending, Growing
294ROHANAscending, Rising
295ROHITBright, Shining
296ROHITRed, Dawn
297ROHITRed, Sunrise
298ROSHANBright, Shining
299RUDRAName Of Lord Shiva
300SAAHILGuide, Leader
301SACHINPure, Brilliant
302SAHILGuide, Companion
303SAUMITGentle, Easily Manageable
305SHIVENLord Shiva
306SHIVESHLord Of Peace
307SHIVESHWARLord Of Peace
309SHRIDHARLord Vishnu
310SHRIHARILord Vishnu
311SHUBHAuspicious, Good
312SHUBHAJITAuspicious Victory
313SHUBHAMAuspicious, Good
314SHUBHAMAuspicious, Good Luck
315SHUBHAMGood Luck, Auspicious
316SHUBHANKAuspicious, Good Luck
317SHUBHANKAuspicious, Lucky
318SHUBHANKARAuspicious, Lucky
319SHUBHANKAROne Who Brings Good Luck
320SHUBHASHISGood Advice, Blessing
321SHUBHODAYGood Morning, New Beginning
322SHUBHROAuspicious, Lucky
323SHUKLABright, Pure
324SHUVANKARMoon In Good Condition
325SUJITConquered, Victorious
326SUNILDark Blue, Dark As Night
327UDAITo Rise, Ascend
328UDAYRise, Arise
329UDAYSunrise, Morning
330UJJAWALBright, Shining
331UJJWALBright, Shining
332UNMESHBlissful Liberation
333UPENDRAChief Of The Gods, Lord Vishnu
334UPENDRAYounger Brother Of Lord Indra
335URVILPure, Crystal
337UTSAVFestival, Celebration
338UTTAMBest, Superior
339VAIBHAVProsperity, Wealth
340VAIBHAVWealth, Prosperity
341VARDHANGrowing, Increasing.
342VARUNLord Of The Waters
343VEDSacred Hindu Texts
344VEDSacred Knowledge
345VEDANTKnowledge Of Scriptures
346VEDANTKnowledge Of The Sacred Hindu Texts
347VEDANTKnowledge Of The Sacred Scriptures
348VIBHAVBrightness, Glory
349VIGNESHGod Of Knowledge, Lord Ganesha
350VIHAANDawn Or Morning.
352VINAYModest, Humble
353VIPINForest, Woodland.
354VIRENBrave, Valiant.
355VISHALGrand, Large
356VISHALLarge, Expansive
357VIVAANFull Of Life, Lively
358VIVAANFull Of Life, Vitality
359VIVAANFull Of Life.
361WAMANDwarf, Short Stature.
362YASHFame, Glory
363YASHFame, Glory.
364YASHFame, Success
365YASHASFame, Glory
366YASHASFame, Glory, Reputation.
367YASHASFame, Glory.
368YASHDEEPLight Of Fame
369YASHMITFame, Glory
370YASHMITFamous, Well
371YASHODHANRich In Fame
372YASHODHANRich In Fame, Successful
373YASHODHANRich, Successful.
374YASHPALProtector Of Fame
375YASHPALProtector Of Fame.
376YASHRAJKing Of Fame
377YASHVANTHGlory, Success.
378YASHVEERBrave, Famous
379YASHWANTOne Who Has Achieved Fame
380YASHWANTHFamous, Successful
381YATINAscetic, Seeker Of Truth
382YATINDevotee, Ascetic.
383YOGENOne Who Has Achieved Enlightenment.
384YOGENDRALord Of Yoga, A Highly Accomplished Spiritual Practitioner.
385YOGENDRALord Of Yogis, A Highly Accomplished Spiritual Practitioner.
386YOGESHLord Of Yoga, A Highly Accomplished Spiritual Practitioner.
387YOGESHOne Who Has Achieved Spiritual Enlightenment.
388YOGESHWARLord Of Yoga, A Highly Accomplished Spiritual Practitioner.
389YOGILord Of Yoga, A Highly Accomplished Spiritual Practitioner.
390YOGIOne Who Has Achieved Union With The Divine, A Highly Accomplished Spiritual Practitioner.
391YOGINLord Of Yoga, A Highly Accomplished Spiritual Practitioner.
392YOGIRAJKing Of Yogis, A Highly Accomplished Spiritual Practitioner.
393YUDHISHTHIROne Who Is Steadfast In War, A Warrior.
394YUDHISTERWarrior In Battle.
395ZAINBeautiful, Handsome.

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