{450+} Unique Tamil ilakkiya Names For Boy Baby

Friends, If You Are Looking For Tamil ilakkiya Names For Boy Baby, Then You Have Come To The Right Place Because We Have Searched For More Than 450 Names For You, Seeing Which You Can Find Good Name For Yourself, Given Below You Given Complete List. Seeing Which You Can Select A Good Name For Your Child, So Let’s Go And See Which Are The Names That Will Be Good For Your Child.

Tamil ilakkiya Names For Boy Baby The Birth Of A Baby Is A Wonderful Experience For The Parents. Choosing A Name For A Baby Is One Of The Most Important Tasks For New Parents. In Tamil Culture, Names Are Extremely Important And Become More Than Just Identifiers; They Additionally Function As A Representation Of The People’s Culture And Identity. Tamil Ilakkiya Names For Kids Have A Rich History And Significance, Making The Name Selection Process Even More Important. Numerology, Astrology, And Historical Importance Are Just A Few Of The Things To Take Into Consideration While Choosing A Name. We Will Look At Tamil Ilakkiya Names For Baby Boys, Their Meanings, And The Requirements Used To Choose Them In This Post.

Exploring The Importance Of Tamil ilakkiya Names For Boy Baby

The Literary, Musical, And Artistic Traditions Of Tamil Culture Are Well-known. Tamil Ilakkiya Names, Which Were Inspired By The Literary Masterpieces Of Ancient Tamil Nadu, Are A Common Option When Naming A Baby Boy. These Names Are Unique Because They Have A Deep Meaning And A History. They Are Not Just Names But Also A Blend Of Religion, Mythology, And Philosophy. In Addition, The Astrological Importance Of The Baby’s Birth Time Is Taken Into Account Throughout The Naming Procedure. The Numerology Of The Name Is An Additional Important Consideration While Choosing A Name. The Process Of Selecting A Tamil Ilakkiya Name For A Baby Boy Is Complicated And Interesting As Because Of All These Factors.

The Most Popular Tamil ilakkiya Names for Boy Babies

AadarshIdeal, Perfect
AadhavanBrilliant like the sun
AadhiBeginning, First
AadhithyaThe Sun, Lord of the Sun
AalapMusical Prelude, Conversation
AananthamEternal Bliss
AaravPeaceful, Calm
AarudhraLord Shiva, Fierce, Passionate
AaryanNoble, Warrior
AbhijitVictorious, One who conquers
AbhimanyuBrave, Fearless
AbhinavNew, Fresh
AbhiraajFearless King
AbhiraamPleasing, Delightful
AbhiramHandsome, Pleasant
AbhishekRitual of pouring milk or water over an idol or deity, Coronation
AdarshIdeal, Perfect
AdhikMore, Extra
AdhiyamanName of a King
AdhvikUnique, Sun
AdithanLeader, Ruler
AdithyaSun, Son of Aditi
AdityaSun, Son of Aditi
AdityanThe Sun
AgasthiName of a Sage
AgastyaName of a Sage
AgilanIntelligence, Agile
AhilanKnowledgeable, Learned
AjeethUnconquerable, Victorious
AjithInvincible, Unconquerable
AkashSky, Space
AkhilComplete, Total
AkilanIntelligent, Smart
AkshayIndestructible, Immortal
AlaganHandsome, Beautiful
AlagarGod, Lord Vishnu
AlagesanGod, Lord Vishnu
AlaguBeautiful, Charming
AlokBright, Radiant
AmanPeace, Harmony
AmardeepEternal Lamp, Immortal Light
AmarjeetImmortal Victory
AmarnathImmortal Lord Shiva
AmartyaImmortal, Divine
AmbikapathyKing of Ambika, Lord Muruga
AmeyaImmeasurable, Boundless
AmirthanImmortal, Everlasting
AmitBoundless, Endless
AmitabhImmeasurable Splendor, Boundless Brightness
AmitavaSame as Amitabh, Immeasurable Splendor
AmithLimitless, Infinite
AmoghUnerring, Flawless
AmritNectar, Immortality
AmudhanSweet Like Nectar
AnandJoy, Bliss
AnanthEndless, Infinite
AnbuLove, Affection
AndalA female Saint
AniketLord Shiva, Name of a God
AnirudhBoundless, Unstoppable
AnishSupreme, Lord of the Universe
AnjanStar, Bright
AnjaneyaSon of Anjana, Lord Hanuman
AnjaneyanSon of Anjana, Hanuman
AnmolPriceless, Precious
AnnavanGenerous, Charitable
AnoopIncomparable, Unbeatable
AnshulSunny, Radiant
AnshumanSun, Radiant
AnugrahBlessing, Grace
AnuragLove, Affection
AravindLotus, Name of a God
AravindanLotus, One who is born in Lotus
AravindhanLotus, One who is born in Lotus
ArjunBright, Shining
ArulGrace, Blessing
ArulmaniPrecious Grace, Precious Blessing
ArulselvanGraceful, Divine
ArumugamName of Lord Muruga
ArunachalamName of Lord Shiva
ArunagiriName of Lord Muruga
ArunavBrilliant, Radiant
ArvindLotus, One who is born in
ArvindanLotus, Sun
AshokWithout Grief, One who makes others happy
AshutoshOne who is easily pleased, Lord Shiva
AshwinLight, Horse Tamer
AtharvKnowledge, Wisdom
AthibanGenerous, Charitable
AtmanSoul, Self
AtulIncomparable, Unbeatable
AvikarFlawless, Pure
AvinashIndestructible, Immortal
AvyuktClear, Unambiguous
AyyanThe Greatest, Lord Shiva
AzhaganHandsome, Beautiful
BadriLord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
BalaChild, Young
BalajiLord Venkateswara, A form of Lord Vishnu
BalamuruganYoung Lord Muruga
BaluStrong, Powerful
BarathIndia, Bharat
BhagatDevotee, Worshipper
BharaniName of a Star, Lord Muruga
BharatName of a King, India
BhargavLord Shiva, Name of a God
BhaskarSun, Brightness
BhavinCapable, Skilled
BheemaMighty, Strong
BhojarajaKing of food, Lord of Generosity
BhoopathiKing of Kings
BhuvanWorld, Universe
ChakrapaniLord Vishnu, One who holds the Sudarshana Chakra
ChandanSandalwood, Fragrant
ChandraMoon, Name of a God
ChandranMoon, Lunar
CharanFeet, Divine
ChaturClever, Intelligent
ChellaiahGood Person, Nice Person
ChellamDarling, Sweetheart
ChinmayFull of Knowledge, Pure Consciousness
ChinnaduraiYoung Prince
ChinnamaniPrecious Jewel
ChiragLamp, Light
ChiranjeeviImmortal, Long
ChithranPainting, Art
DamanOne who controls, Tames
DarshanSight, Vision
DeepakLamp, Light
DevGod, Divine
DevanGodly, Divine
DevanshPart of God, Divine
DevendraLord of the Gods, Lord Indra
DhanushBow, Lord Rama’s Bow
DhanyaFortunate, Auspicious
DharmaLaw, Righteousness
DharshanSight, Vision
DheerajPatience, Endurance
DhinakarSun, Radiant
DhinamaniSun, Radiant
DhirajPatience, Endurance
DhiranBrave, Courageous
DhruvPole Star, Constant
DileepKing of the Heart, Protector
DilipKing, Protector
DinakarSun, Radiant
DivakarSun, Radiant
DivitImmortal, Divine
DruvanPole Star, Constant
DuraiKing, Leader
DurgaFort, Invincible
DurgaprasadBlessing of Goddess Durga
DushyantDestroyer of Evil, One who cannot be defeated
EashwarGod, Lord Shiva
EdhayanWealthy, Rich
EdhuvumAll, Everything
EdwinWealthy Friend
EkanthSolitude, One who is alone
ElangoName of a King, Poet
ElavarasanPrince, King of Beauty
ElilBeauty, Handsome
ElilarasuKing of Beauty
ElumalaiLord Venkateshwara, Lord Muruga
EswaranLord Shiva
GanesanLord Ganesh
GaneshLord Ganesha, Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
GaneshaLord Ganesha, Name of a God
GauthamName of a Sage, Enlightenment
GiriMountain, Hill
GiridharLord Krishna, One who carries the mountain
GirishLord of the Mountains, Name of a God
GovindLord Krishna, One who gives pleasure to the senses
GowthamWise, Learned
GurpreetOne who loves the Guru, Teacher
GurunathanLord of the Teacher, Lord Muruga
HariLord Vishnu, Lord Krishna
HarikrishnaLord Krishna, A combination of Hari and Krishna
HarishLord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
HemantWinter, Snow
HemanthEarly Winter, Snow
HrithikIntelligent, Bright
IlamuruguYoung Lord Muruga
IlangoPrince, The Author of Tamil Epic Silappatikaram
IlangovanYoung Prince, Lord Muruga
IlavarasanPrince, King of Beauty
IlavarasuPrince, King of Beauty
IndrajitConqueror of Indra, One who wins over the senses
IndranKing of the Gods, Lord Indra
IshwarGod, Lord Shiva
JagadeeshLord of the Universe, God
JaganWorld, Universe
JagannathLord of the Universe, Lord Vishnu
JaiVictory, Success
JairamVictory of Lord Rama
JaisalFamous Folk Singer of Rajasthan
JanardhanLord Vishnu, One who Kills Evil
JayaVictory, Triumph
JayadevGod of Victory, Lord Vishnu
JayakumarVictorious, Winner
JayanVictorious, Conqueror
JayanthVictory, Triumph
JayaprakashLight of Victory
JeevaLife, Soul
JeevanLife, Soul
JeganWorld, Universe
JeyakanthanVictory, Lord Muruga
JeyamVictory, Success
JeyaramVictory, Lord Rama
JothiLight, Flame
KabilanName of a Poet, Lord Muruga
KadhirSun, Radiant
KailashAbode of Lord Shiva
KalaimaniGem of Arts, Talented
KalaivananSkilled in Arts, Talented
KaliArt, Creativity
KalidasFamous Poet and Playwright
KalimuthuGift of Art, Talented
KalyanGood, Auspicious
KamalLotus, Perfection
KameshLord of Desire, Lord Shiva
KannanLord Krishna
KarthiOne who is always Happy, Joyful
KarthikOne who Bestows Happiness, Lord Muruga
KasinathanLord of Kasi, Lord Shiva
KasirajanKing of Kasi, Varanasi
KavinBeautiful, Handsome
KeshavLord Krishna, One with Beautiful Hair
KetanPure Gold, Flag
KiranRay of Light, Sunbeam
KishanLord Krishna
KishoreYoung, Youthful
KodiFlag, Banner
KripanSword, One who is always ready for battle
KrishShort form of Krishna, Lord Krishna
KrishnaLord Krishna, Dark Complexioned
KumarPrince, Youthful
KumaranYoung Lord Muruga
KunalLotus, Pure
LakshmanBrother of Lord Rama
LakshmiGoddess of Wealth, Prosperity
LalitHandsome, Beautiful

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Best Unique Tamil ilakkiya Names for Boy Babies

LaxmanBrother of Lord Rama
LoganLittle Hollow, From a small valley
LoganathanLord Muruga, One who rules the world
LokeshLord of the World, Lord Brahma
MadanGod of Love, Cupid
MadhavanLord Shiva
MadhurSweet, Pleasant
MadhuvanA Garden of Honey
MahadevLord Shiva, Great God
MahendraLord Vishnu, Lord Indra
MahendranLord Indra, King of the Mountains
MaheshLord Shiva, Great God
MaheswaranLord Shiva
ManiGem, Precious Stone
ManickamPrecious Gem, Lord Muruga
ManikandanLord Muruga with a Bell around his Neck
ManimaranGem, Precious Stone
ManivannanOne who has a Sweet Voice, Lord Muruga
ManojBorn of the Mind, Cupid
ManuFounder of the Human Race, Laws of Manu
MaranBrave, Warrior
MarudhamGreenery, Foliage
MayankMoon, Lord Indra
MayuranBrave, Valiant
MeenakshisundaramLord Shiva, Husband of Goddess Meenakshi
MithunCouple, Zodiac Sign Gemini
MohanCharming, Lord Krishna
MukeshLord Shiva, Lord of Bliss
MuraliFlute, Lord Krishna’s Instrument
MuruganLord Muruga
NaganathanKing of Snakes, Lord Shiva
NageshLord of the Cobras, Lord Shiva
NandaJoyful, Blissful
NarayanLord Vishnu
NatarajanKing of Dance, Lord Shiva
NaveenNew, Fresh
NavinNew, Fresh
NavinrajNew King
NavneetPure, Fresh Butter
NeelBlue, Lord Shiva
NeelanBlue, Lord Shiva
NilaBlue, Lord Shiva
NilanBlue, Lord Shiva
NiranjanPure, Spotless
NiravQuiet, Silent
NirmalPure, Clean
NirmalanPure, Clean
NishantPeaceful, Calm
NishanthPeaceful, Calm
NithinBrave, Fighter
NivasResidence, Home
OmSacred Sound, Divine Syllable
OmprakashLight of the Sacred Syllable Om
OviyanArtist, Creator
PalaniAbode of Lord Muruga
PalanisamyOne who Protects Lord Muruga, Name of a God
PalanivelLord Muruga with a Spear
PalaniyappanLord Muruga, One who lives in Palani
PalashFlowering Tree, New Leaves
PandiName of a King, Brave
PandianKing, Ruler
PandiyanKing, Ruler
PanneerPrecious, Diamond
ParthKing, Arjun’s Title in Mahabharata
ParthasarathyCharioteer of Arjuna, Lord Krishna
PeriyasamyGreat, Lord Muruga
PrabhakarSun, Radiant
PrabhuLord, Master
PradeepLight, Lamp
PrakashLight, Brightness
PramodHappiness, Joy
PranavSacred Syllable Om
PrasadBlessing, Gift
PrasannaPleased, Happy
PrashanthPeaceful, Calm
PraveenExpert, Skilled
PremLove, Affection
PremkumarSon of Love
PugazhendhiOne who is Honored and Respected, Lord Muruga
PurushottamLord Vishnu, Best among Men
RaghavDescendant of Raghu, Lord Rama
RaghavanLord Rama, One who is born in Raghu dynasty
RaghuThe Lineage of Lord Rama
RajKing, Ruler
RajanKing, Royal
RajasekarKing of Diamonds, Lord Shiva
RajeevLotus, Blue Flower
RajendranKing of Kings, Lord Indra
RajeshKing of Kings, Lord of the Night
RajivLotus, Blue Flower
RakeshLord of the Full Moon, Lord of the Night
RamLord Rama
RamanLord Rama, Pleasing
RameshLord of Rama, Lord Vishnu
RamkumarSon of Lord Rama
RamuBeloved, Charming
RanganA Place of Worship, Lord Vishnu
RangarajanKing of a Place of Worship, Lord Vishnu
RaviSun, Radiant
RavikiranRay of the Sun, Sunbeam
RenganName of a King, Brave
RengarajanKing of Brave, Name of a God
RishiSage, Saint
RohanAscending, Blossom
RohitRed, Lord Vishnu
RupakBeautiful, Charming
SabareshLord of Sabari Hill, Lord Ayyappa
SabariLord Ayyappa, One who lives in Sabari Hill
SabesanLord Muruga
SabithBrilliant, Radiant
SachinPure, Essence
SadasivanLord Shiva, One who is always Auspicious
SadikTruthful, Sincere
SaiDivine, Flower
SakthiPower, Energy
SakthivelLord Muruga with a Spear of Power
SamirPleasant Companion, Wind
SanjayVictory, Triumphant
SankarLord Shiva, Auspicious
SanthoshHappiness, Contentment
SaranRefuge, Shelter
SaravananLord Muruga
SarveshLord of All, Lord Shiva
SathishSatisfying, One who is Honest
SatishTruthful, Sincere
SelvaWealth, Prosperity
SelvamProsperity, Wealth
SelvarajKing of Prosperity, Lord Muruga
SenthilRed, Lord Muruga
SenthilkumarSon of Lord Muruga
ShaktiPower, Energy
ShankarLord Shiva, Auspicious
ShanmugaLord Muruga
ShanmugamOne who has Six Faces, Lord Muruga
SharavananLord Muruga
ShivaAuspicious One, Lord Shiva
ShivakumarSon of Lord Shiva
ShivanshPart of Lord Shiva, Divine
ShivaramLord Shiva, Red Lotus
ShivrajKing of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva’s Kingdom
SibiKing, Ancient King
SiddharthOne who has Achieved Enlightenment
SivaLord Shiva, Auspicious One
SivakumarSon of Lord Shiva
SivanLord Shiva, Auspicious
SivarajKing of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva’s Kingdom
SivaramLord Shiva, Red Lotus
SivashankarLord Shiva, Auspicious One
SivasubramanianLord Muruga, Lord Shiva’s Brother
SooriyaSun, Radiant
SoundarCharming, Beautiful
SoundararajanKing of Beauty, Lord Muruga
SudhakarMoon, Nectar
SukumarHandsome, Charming
SumanCheerful, Good
SundarBeautiful, Charming
SundararajanKing of Beauty, Lord Muruga
SureshLord of the Gods, Indra
SuriyaSun, Radiant
SuryaSun, Radiant
SushilGood Character, Gentle
SwaminathanLord Muruga, Lord of the Universe
TahirPure, Clean
TamizhTamil Language, Sweetness
ThamizharasanKing of Tamil Nadu, Tamil King
ThamizhavelProtector of the Tamil Language, Name of a God
ThangaduraiBrave as Gold, Lord Muruga
ThangamaniGolden Gem, Lord Muruga
ThangarajKing of Gold, Lord Muruga
ThangavelLord Muruga with a Spear of Gold
ThennanSweet, Tender
ThilakMark of Auspiciousness, Tilak
ThirumalLord Venkateshwara, Name of a God
ThirumalaiAbode of Lord Vishnu, Holy Hill
ThirumaniPrecious Stone, Lord Muruga
ThirumuruganLord Muruga, God of Beauty
ThirunavukkarasuLord Shiva, One with the Tongue of Navukkarasu
ThiruvalluvarTamil Poet and Philosopher
ThiruvengadamLord Venkateshwara, Sacred Hill
ThiruvenkadamLord Venkateshwara, Sacred Hill
ThiruvikramanLord Vishnu, One who has taken Great Strides
ThiruvonamStar of Lord Vishnu, Aquarius
UdayTo Rise, Dawn
UdayanRising, Appearance
UdhayaDawn, Sunrise
UlaganWorld, Universe
UllasJoy, Happiness
UmaGoddess Parvati, Mother
UmapathyLord Shiva, Consort of Goddess Uma
UmashankarLord Shiva, Auspicious One
UnnikrishnanLord Krishna, One who is Young and Beautiful
UthamanVirtuous, Good Person
UthayakumarSon of Uthaya, Lord Muruga
UthayashankarLord Shiva, Ausp
VadivelLord Muruga’s Spear
VadivelanLord Muruga, God of Beauty
VaibhavProsperity, Wealth
VaidyanathanLord of Medicine, Lord Shiva
VaithiyanathanLord of Medicine, Lord Shiva
ValavanSkilled, Proficient
ValliappanConsort of Valli, Lord Muruga
VallinayaganBrave as a Valli, Lord Muruga
ValluvanTamil Poet, Sage
VanamaganForest Dweller, Lord Muruga
VaradhanGiver of Boons, Lord Vishnu
VasanSpring, Fragrance
VasanthSpring, Fragrance
VasudevaLord Krishna, Father of Lord Krishna
VasudevanFather of Lord Krishna, Name of a Person
VasukiDivine Serpent, King of Snakes
VedSacred Knowledge, Holy Texts
VedanthUltimate Knowledge, End of the Vedas
VelanLord Muruga, God of Beauty
VeluSpear, Weapon
VenkatLord Vishnu, Name of a God
VenkataLord Venkateshwara, Sacred Hill
VenkataramanLord Venkateshwara, One who Removes Sins
VenkateshLord Venkateshwara, Name of a God
VetriVictory, Success
VetrivelLord Muruga, God of Beauty
VickyVictory, Conqueror
VigneshLord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles
VijayVictory, Conqueror
VijayanVictory, Conqueror
VijayendraLord of Victory, Lord Indra
VikramBravery, Valour
VikramanBrave as Vikram, Lord Muruga
VilvaSacred Tree, A herb used in worship
VinodhJoyful, Happy
VishalLarge, Grand
VishnuLord Vishnu, Name of a God
VishvakarmaLord of Creation, Celestial Architect
ViswanathanLord of the Universe, Lord Shiva
VivekWisdom, Discrimination
YadhavanLord Krishna, One with Sweet Voice
YashFame, Glory
YashodhanWealthy, Rich
YogeshLord of Yoga, Lord Shiva
YuvanYouthful, Energetic
YuvrajPrince, Heir Apparent
ZenithHighest Point, Peak

Tips for Choosing a Tamil ilakkiya Name for Your Baby Boy

Choosing A Tamil Ilakkiya Name For Your Baby Boy: Some Advice
A Baby’s Name Is Something You Choose For Them For The Rest Of Your Life, Therefore You Should Pick One That Means A Lot To You. Here Are Some Suggestions For Choosing A Boy’s Tamil Ilakkiya Name. When Choosing A Name For The Baby, Take A Look At The Astrological Importance Of The Baby’s Birth Time.

  • Select A Name That Is Harmonious With The Baby’s Birth Date’s Favorable Numerology.
  • Find A Name That Has A Deep Literary Meaning By Researching And Exploring The Most Well-known Tamil Literary Works.
  • Take Into Account The Sound Of The Name And Its Cultural And Geographic Importance.
  • Consult With Family And Close Friends, And Pay Attention To Their Suggestions.
  • Make Sure The Name Is Unique And Flows Well With The Last Name.


For New Parents, Naming A Baby Is A Big Decision, Especially In Tamil Culture Where Names Have Strong Cultural And Identity Meanings. Tamil Ilakkiya Names For Boys Have A History In Tamil Nadu’s Ancient Literature, Mythology, And Philosophy. Numerology, Astrology, And Literary Importance Are Just A Few Of The Things To Take With You While Choosing A Name. In Addition To Having An Important Meaning And Significance, A Name Should Carefully Match The Astrological And Numerological Aspects Of The Baby. Parents May Keep And Transfer The Culture And Identity To Future Generations By Choosing A Tamil Ilakkiya Name.


Is Choosing A Tamil Ilakkiya Name For A Boy Necessary?

No, It Is Not Required, Yet It Is An Important Part Of Tamil Identity And Culture.

What Factors Should Be Taken Seriously When Choosing A Tamil Ilakkiya Name For A Boy?

Factors Include Astrology, Numerology, Literary Significance, Cultural And Regional Significance, Pronunciation, Distinctiveness, And Match With The Last Name.

How Can I Be Sure The Name I Choose Is Original?

Take Advice From Family And Friends As You Research And Examine The Most Well-known Tamil Literary Works.

What Role Does Numerology Have In Choosing A Tamil Ilakkiya Name?

According To Tamil Culture, Each Number Has A Unique Vibration, Hence The Baby’s Name Should Have A Good Vibration.

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