Baby Boy Names In Marathi

If You Are Expecting A Baby Boy And Are Looking For A Marathi Origin Name (Baby Boy Names In Marathi) That Reflects Traditional And Cultural As Well As Strength, Then You Have Come To The Right Place. Marathi Is A Language Spoken In The Western Indian State Of Maharashtra. Language And Has A Rich Cultural Heritage Which Is Reflected In Its Names.

In This Blog Post, We Will Explore Some Of The Best And Most Meaningful Marathi Names For Boys, Each With Its Own Special Significance And Special Identity. It Is About The Origin And Meaning Of Each Name As Well As The Cultural Context And Significance Behind It. I Will Know

We Will Also Discuss And Help You With The Importance Of Choosing The Right Name For Your Little One Including How That Name Can Shape His Identity And Impact His Life Through This Blog Post. Also Give Suggestions On How To Choose The Right Name Including The Meaning Of That Name, Cultural Significance, And Ease Of Pronunciation.

Whether You Are Looking For A Name That Reflects Your Culture And Heritage For Your Child Or Simply Want A Powerful Name For Your Child, This Blog Post Will Definitely Provide Some Inspiration, So Stay Tuned And Come Up With Some Beautiful Get Ready To Explore Marathi Baby Boy Names.

List Of Baby Boy Names In Marathi

AAakashआकाशSky, atmosphere
AAalokआलोकLight, brightness
AAamodआमोदPleasure, delight, happiness
AAashishआशिषBlessing, bestowing good wishes
AAashrayआश्रयShelter, refuge, protection
AAbhayअभयFearless, Brave
AAbhijitअभिजीतVictorious, Conqueror
AAbhimanyuअभिमन्युSon of Arjuna, heroic, self
AAbhinavअभीनवNew, fresh, modern
AAbhirajअभिराजGreat king, powerful ruler
AAbhiramअभिरामPleasing, delightful, charming
AAbhishekअभिषेकAnointment, Coronation
AAchalअचलStable, unmovable, constant
AAchyutअच्युतInfallible, Imperishable
AAdarshआदर्शIdeal, model, perfect
AAdityaआदित्यSun, son of Aditi
AAdityaआदित्याSun, son of Aditi
AAdyaआद्यFirst, initial
AAjayअजयInvincible, Unconquerable
AAjindaअजिंदाEverlasting, immortal
AAjingyaअजिंग्याUnattainable, impossible to achieve
AAjinkyaaआजिंक्याUnbeatable, invincible
AAjintaअजिंठाInvincible, unconquerable
AAjitअजितInvincible, Unconquerable
AAjneyaअज्ञेयUnknowable, beyond comprehension
AAjogअजोगUnattainable, inaccessible
AAmarअमरImmortal, eternal
AAmeyअमेयImmeasurable, infinite
AAmoghअमोघUnfailing, invincible, unbeatable
AAmulyaअमूल्यInvaluable, precious
AAnandआनंदJoy, happiness, bliss
AAnantअनंतEndless, infinite, eternal
AAniruddhaअनिरुद्धUnstoppable, unbeatable
AAnishअनिशSupreme, Unsurpassed
AAnkushअंकुशControl, restraint
AAnupअनुपIncomparable, unique
AAparajitअपराजितUnconquerable, invincible
AAravआरवPeaceful, calm, serene
AArunअरुणDawn, redness in the rising sun
AArvindअरविंदLotus, Wisdom
AAryanआर्यनNoble, honorable, civilized
AAshwinअश्विनHorse tamer, horse rider
BBhagyeshaभाग्येशLord of luck and fortune
BBhanuभानुSun, radiance, brilliance
BBhavanishभवनीशLord of the universe
BBhaveshभावेशLord of emotions
BBhikuभिकूLittle brother
BBhujangarajभुजंगराजKing of snakes
BBhumikभूमिकRole, character, position
CChakrapaniचक्रपाणिHolder of the discus
CChandrakantचंद्रकांतThe moonstone
CChandramouliचंद्रमौलीOne who wears the moon on his head
DDakshदक्षCapable, competent, skilled
DDamodariदामोदरीFeminine form of Damodar, another name for Radha
DDamodarदमोदरOne who wears a rope around his waist, another name for Lord Krishna
DDayanandदयानंदOne who is compassionate and joyous, founder of the Arya Samaj movement
DDevdattaदेवदत्तGift of God, divine gift
DDevendraदेवेंद्रKing of the gods, another name for Lord Indra
DDevदेवGod, divine, heavenly
DDhananjayधनंजयOne who wins wealth, another name for Arjuna, the hero of the Mahabharata
DDharmendraधर्मेंद्रOne who has faith in righteousness, another name for Yudhisthira, a character from the Mahabharata
DDheerajधीरजPatience, perseverance, tolerance
DDheerधीरBrave, courageous, strong
DDhruvध्रुवConstant, fixed, immovable
EEkaleshएकलेशThe only one, unique, individual
EEkantएकांतSolitude, seclusion, privacy
EEkoddharएकोद्धारUnity, oneness, harmony
GGaneshगणेशThe lord of the multitudes
GGangadharगंगाधरOne who holds the Ganges
GGautamगौतमAnother name for the Buddha
GGhaneshघनेशLord of clouds
GGhatotkachघटोत्कचA character from the Mahabharata
GGyaneshज्ञानेशlord of knowledge or lord of wisdom
HHareeshankarहरीशंकरlord Shiva
HHarishहरिशlord of nature
HHaritहरितgreen or verdant
HHarshadहर्षदgiver of happiness or joy
HHarshitहर्षीतhappy or joyful
HHarshvardhanहर्षवर्धनenhancer of happiness
HHarshहर्षhappiness or joy
HHemantakहेमंतकone who ends or destroys winter
HHemantiहेमंतीone who is born in winter
HHemantsinghहेमंतसिंहlion of winter
HHemavatहेमवतone who possesses gold
HHemeshहेमेशlord of gold
HHemrajहेमराजking of gold
HHimantहिमन्तsnow or ice
HHiteshहितेशlord of goodness or kindness
IIndradattइंद्रदत्तgift of Indra
IIndrajeetइंद्रजीतone who has conquered Indra
IIndrajeetइंद्रजीवvictorious over Indra
IIndraprasadइंद्रप्रसादgift of Indra
IIshaanईशानlord of wealth or lord of the northeast direction
IIshantईशान्तlord of wealth or lord of the northeast direction
IIshwarईश्वरgod or supreme being
JJagadishजगदीशLord of the world
JJagannathजगन्नाथLord of the universe
JJagannathजगन्नाथlord of the world
JJagateshजगतेशlord of the world
JJagdishजगदीशlord of the universe
JJagmohanजगमोहनone who attracts the world
JJayadevजयदेवGod of victory
JJayakantजयकांतconqueror of the world
JJayaprakashजयप्रकाशlight of victory
JJaydevजयदेवgod of victory
JJayrajजयराजking of victory
JJitendraजितेंद्रConqueror of the senses
JJitendraजितेन्द्रconqueror of the senses or conqueror of the world
JJoshilजोशीलlively or energetic
JJugalजुगलpair or couple
JJyotiradityaज्योतिरादित्यThe sun, one who is like the sun
JJyotirmayज्योतिर्मयFull of light, radiant, shining
KKailashकैलाशlord of the mountains or abode of Lord Shiva
KKalyanकल्याणWelfare, well
KKamdevकामदेवThe god of love, desire, and sensuality
KKarmeshकर्मेशLord of karma
KKartikayकार्तिकेयAnother name for Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Parvati
KKartikकर्तिकA Hindu month
KKashinathकाशिनाथLord of Kashi, another name for Lord Shiva
KKashyapकश्यपName of a sage
KKeshavकेशवanother name for Lord Krishna
KKiranकिरणRay of light, beam of sunlight
KKripaluकृपालुCompassionate, merciful, kind
KKrishnapriyaकृष्णप्रियBeloved of Krishna
KKrishnaकृष्णthe eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
KKritikeshकृतिकेशlord of the stars
KKumbhakarnaकुंभकर्णA character from the Ramayana
KKundalकुंदलcoiled or spiral
KKushalकुशलSkilled, proficient, capable
KKushalकुशालskilled or proficient
KKuvarकुवरPrince, heir to the throne
LLakshmanलक्ष्मणthe younger brother of Lord Rama
LLakshmikantलक्ष्मीकांतLord of wealth
LLaliteshललितेशLord of beauty, one who is associated with beauty and charm
LLalitललितbeautiful or charming
LLalitललितLovely, beautiful, charming
LLokeshलोकेशLord of the world, one who is respected and revered
MMadhavraoमाधवरावBeloved prince
MMadhavमाधवanother name for Lord Krishna
MMadhavमाधवBeloved of Lord Krishna
MMadhureshमधुरेशLord of sweetness
MMahadevमहादेवanother name for Lord Shiva
MMahadevमहादेवGreat God
MMahanandमहानंदgreat joy or great delight
MMaharajमहाराजking or emperor
MMahasagarमहासागरgreat ocean
MMahavirमहावीरGreat warrior
MMaheshमहेशGreat lord
MMaheshमहेशlord of the universe or lord of the great one
MMakarandमकरंदhoney or nectar
MManavमानवhuman being or mankind
MMangeshमंगेशlord of the mind or lord of desire
MManishमनीषwise or intelligent
MManoharमनोहरcharming or captivating
MManojमनोजBorn from the mind
MManojमनोजborn of the mind or beloved
MManuमनुA Hindu sage
MMayankमयंकmoon or honey
MMegharajमेघराजking of clouds
MMeghwalमेघवालruler of the clouds
MMilindमिलिंदHoney bee
MMohanमोहनcharming or attractive
MMohitमोहितcharmed or mesmerized
MMokshमोक्षliberation or freedom
MMukundमुकुंदOne who gives liberation
MMukundमुकुंदone who grants liberation
MMunishमुनीशwise or knowledgeable
MMurariमुरारीanother name for Lord Krishna
NNageshनागेशlord of the snakes
NNakulनकुळone of the Pandava brothers in the Mahabharata
NNavneetनवनीतfresh butter or ghee
NNeelनीलblue or sapphire
NNikhilनिखिलcomplete or whole
NNikhilनिखिलComplete, entire, all
NNileshनीलेशLord of the blue, another name for Lord Shiva
NNilनीलBlue, dark, sky
NNirajnjanनिरंजनpure or spotless
NNirbhayनिर्भयfearless or brave
NNirmalनिर्मलpure or clean
NNishantनिशांतdawn or end of the night
NNishantनिशान्तnight's end or dawn
NNiteeshनितींशlord of justice
OOmkaarओमकारThe sacred sound of Om
PPadmeshपद्मेशLord of the lotus, another name for Lord Vishnu
PPankajपंकजLotus, one who is born from mud but is pure and beautiful
PPrabhakarप्रभाकरThe shining one, one who radiates light
PPrabhudattप्रभुदत्तGift of the lord
PPrabhujitप्रभुजीतOne who has conquered the lord
PPrabhuप्रभुLord, master, ruler
PPranavirप्राणवीरBrave soul
PPranavप्रणवOm, the sacred sound of the universe
PPrasadप्रसादBlessing, gift, grace
PPrasannप्रसन्नHappy, cheerful, content
PPrashantप्रशांतCalm, peaceful, serene
PPrathamप्रथमFirst, initial, primary
PPraveenप्रवीणskilled or proficient
PPraveerप्रवीरbrave or valiant
PPujariपुजारीpriest or worshipper
PPurandarपुरंदरanother name for Lord Indra
PPurushottamपुरुषोत्तमthe supreme person or the best among men
PPushkarपुष्करlotus flower or one who is pure
PPushpakपुष्पकone who is adorned with flowers
PPushtiपुष्टीnourishment or sustenance
RRajanराजनking or ruler
RRajatरजतsilver or shining
RRajendraराजेंद्रKing of kings
RRajivरजीवlotus flower
RRajnishरजनीशLord of the night
RRamakrishnaरामकृष्णa combination of the names of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna
RRameshरामेशLord of Rama
RRameshरामेशlord of Rama or one who is dear to Rama
RRamkrishnaरामकृष्णLord Rama and Lord Krishna
RRangeeshरंगेशlord of colors or lord of music
RRavikantरविकांतbeloved of the sun or one who is like the sun
RRavindraरविन्द्रlord of the sun or lord of knowledge
RRavishankarरवीशंकरLord of the sun
RRishabhरिषभbull or one who is strong
RRishiऋषीsage or wise person
RRiteshरितेशlord of truth
RRudraरुद्रLord of tears
RRupakरूपकsymbol or metaphor
RRupeshरुपेशLord of beauty
SSaadhanसाधनmeans or method
SSaadhviसाध्वीvirtuous or righteous
SSaadhyसाध्यachievable or attainable
SSaahaayyaसाहाय्यhelp or assistance
SSaahasenसाहसीनbrave or valiant
SSaahasikataaसाहसिकताcourage or bravery
SSaahasikसाहसिकbrave or courageous
SSaahasiसाहसीbrave or courageous
SSaahaspoornसाहसपूर्णfull of courage
SSaahasvaanसाहसवानbrave or courageous
SSaahasसाहसcourage or bravery
SSaahilसाहिलseashore or coast
SSaahityikसाहित्यिकliterary or artistic
SSaahulसाहुलeasy or comfortable
SSaakshaatkhaarसाक्षात्कारinterview or examination
SSaamaanyसामान्यcommon or ordinary
SSaamarikसामरिकmilitary or warrior
SSaamarthyसामर्थ्यstrength or ability
SSaarathiसारथिcharioteer or guide
SSaarthakसार्थकful or purposeful
SSaarvajanikसार्वजनिकpublic or social
SSaayantanसायंतनcontinuity or longevity
SSabaarसबारpatient or enduring
SSabhaajitसभाजीतmember of the assembly
SSabhasadसभासदMember of the assembly
SSachetसचेतaware or conscious
SSachetसचेतConscious, aware, one who is mindful
SSachinसचिनPure, truthful, another name for Lord Shiva
SSachitसचित्रcolorful or brilliant
SSadashivसदाशिवeternal shiva or god
SSadbhavसद्भावgood or virtuous
SSadguruसद्गुरुtrue guru or teacher
SSadiqसदीकtruthful or sincere
SSadviसाध्वीsaint or holy person
SSadyojatसद्योजातone of the five primary forms of Lord Shiva
SSahaanubhutiसहानुभूतिempathy or sympathy
SSahaayakसहायकassistant or helper
SSahabhaagiसहभागीparticipatory or involved
SSahariसंहारीdestroyer or annihilator
SSaharसंहारdestruction or annihilation
SSahasसाहसcourage or bravery
SSahayogiसहयोगीcooperative or helpful
SSahayसहायhelper or assistant
SSahilसाहिलshore or coast
SSahishnuसहिष्णुtolerant or patient
SSahitaसंहिताcollection or compilation
SSajagसजगawake or alert
SSajeetसजीतvictorious or successful
SSajeevसजीवlively or vibrant
SSajjanसज्जनvirtuous or righteous
SSajjanसज्जनvirtuous or righteous
SSajjuसज्जुsoft or tender
SSakaratmakसकारात्मकpositive or affirmative
SSakarसकारmanifest or visible
SSakarसाकारmanifest or visible
SSaketसकेतanother name for Ayodhya
SSakhaसखाfriend or companion
SSakritसकृतonce or once upon a time
SSakshamसक्षमcapable or competent
SSalilसलीलwater or fluid
SSamaachaarसमाचारnews or information
SSamaadhanसमाधानsolution or resolution
SSamaaikसमाईकorganizer or coordinator
SSamaanसमानequal or similar
SSamaaptसमाप्तcomplete or finished
SSamadhanसमाधानsolution or resolution
SSamajhautaसमजौताcompromise or agreement
SSamapatसंपतwealthy or prosperous
SSamarpamसमर्पणdedication or devotion
SSamarpnसमर्पणdedication or devotion
SSamarthakसमर्थकcapable or competent
SSamarthakसमर्थकsupporter or advocate
SSamarthसमर्थcapable or competent
SSamarthसमर्थcapable or competent
SSamarthसमर्थcapable or competent
SSamarthसमर्थcapable or competent
SSamarthसमर्थcapable or competent
SSamarसमरwar or battle
SSamavetसमवेतunited or harmonious
SSamayसमयtime or moment
SSamayसमयtime or moment
SSamayसमयtime or moment
SSambandhसम्बंधrelationship or connection
SSambhajirajeसंभाजीराजेson of Shivaji
SSambhajiसंभजीson of Shivaji
SSambhajiसंभाजीthe name of a famous Maratha king
SSambhajiसंभाजीthe name of a Maratha ruler
SSambhajiसंभाजीto shine or to glitter
SSambhavanसंभवनprobability or likelihood
SSambhaviसंभवीpossible or feasible
SSambhavसंभवpossible or feasible
SSambhavसंभावpossible or feasible
SSambhavसम्भवpossible or feasible
SSambhavसम्भवpossible or feasible
SSambhogसंभोगenjoyment or pleasure
SSambhujitसंभुजितconqueror of Shiva or one who has won over lord Shiva
SSambhuसंभुlord Shiva
SSambodhसंबोधenlightenment or knowledge
SSameepakसमीपकnear or close
SSameepसमीपclose or nearby
SSameerajसमीराजbreeze or wind
SSameeranसमीरणbreeze or wind
SSameeranसमीरनbreeze or wind
SSameeranसमीरनremembrance or recollection
SSameereshसमीरेशlord of the breeze or lord of the wind
SSameeriसमीरीbreeze or wind
SSameerसमीरbreeze or wind
SSameerसमीरbreeze or wind
SSameerसमीरgentle breeze
SSamitसमितcollected or gathered
SSammaanसम्मानrespect or honor
SSammanसम्मानrespect or honor
SSammohanसम्मोहनcharm or attraction
SSampadakसम्पादकeditor or publisher
SSampadaसंपदाwealth or prosperity
SSampadaसम्पदाwealth or assets
SSampattiसम्पत्तिwealth or prosperity
SSampatसंपतwealth or prosperity
SSampatसम्पतWealth, prosperity, abundance
SSamphulसंफुलblooming or flourishing
SSampoornसम्पूर्णcomplete or whole
SSampradayसंप्रदायtradition or custom
SSampramसंप्रेमaffection or love
SSamraataaसम्राटाempress or queen
SSamraatसम्राटemperor or king
SSamriddhiसमृद्धिprosperity or abundance
SSamriddhiसमृद्धिprosperity or wealth
SSamriddhसमृद्धprosperous or wealthy
SSamriddhसमृद्धwealthy or prosperous
SSamridhसमृद्धprosperous or wealthy
SSamrohसमारोहcelebration or ceremony
SSamudraसमुद्रocean or sea
SSamudraसमुद्रocean or sea
SSamujjwalसमुज्ज्वलbright or shining
SSamutkrishtसमुत्कृष्टexcellent or outstanding
SSamvadसंवादdialogue or conversation
SSamvahakसंवाहकorganizer or coordinator
SSamvegसंवेगpassion or enthusiasm
SSamyakसम्यकcorrect or proper
SSamyakसम्यक्correct or proper
SSanatanसनतानeternal or permanent
SSandarbhसन्दर्भreference or context
SSandeeshakसंदेशकmessage or communication
SSandeshसंदेशmessage or communication
SSandeshसंदेशmessage or communication
SSandhipसंधीपdusk or evening
SSandhipसंधीपjunction or meeting point
SSandhipसंधीपpartnership or alliance
SSandhishसंधीशmeeting or union
SSandhiyaसंधीयाEvening twilight
SSandhurkumarसंधूरकुमारserene or calm
SSandhyakalसंध्याकालevening time
SSandhyakantसंध्याकांतLord of the evening
SSandhyasurसंध्यासुरDemon of the evening
SSandhyavindसंध्याविन्दLotus of the evening
SSandhyayसंध्यायevening prayer or ritual
SSandhyaसंध्याevening or twilight
SSandhyaसंध्याevening or twilight
SSandipakसंदीपकbright or radiant
SSandipakसंदीपकlamp or light
SSandipakसंदीपकlight or lamp
SSandipakसंदीपाकbright or radiant
SSandipaniसंदीपनीteacher or mentor
SSandipankumarसंदीपनकुमारteacher or mentor
SSandipanसंदीपनlamp or light
SSandipanसंदीपनthe name of a sage in Hindu mythology
SSandiptiसंदीप्तिburning or blazing
SSandiptसंदीप्तblazing or radiant
SSandipसंदीपA lighted lamp
SSandipसंदीपlamp or light
SSandipसंदीपlamp or light
SSandipसंदीपlight or lamp
SSandipसंदीपlight or lamp
SSandishसंदीशlord of the moon
SSandoshसंदोषsatisfaction or contentment
SSangamसंगमconfluence or meeting point
SSangamसांगमconfluence or meeting point
SSanhaarसंहारdestruction or annihilation
SSanjayसंजयvictorious or triumphant
SSanjayसंजयVictory, one who brings victory
SSanjeevसंजीवone who is revived or rejuvenated
SSanjivanसंजीवनLife giving
SSanjivसंजीवalive or living
SSanjivसंजीवOne who brings life
SSanjivसंजीवreviving or refreshing
SSanjnaanसंज्ञानknowledge or awareness
SSanjnanसंज्ञानknowledge or wisdom
SSanjnaसंज्ञknowledge or awareness
SSanmanसन्मानhonor or respect
SSanmukhसन्मुखfacing or looking at
SSanrakshakसंरक्षकprotector or guardian
SSanrakshakसंरक्षकprotector or guardian
SSanrakshitसंरक्षितprotected or safe
SSanshayसंशयdoubt or uncertainty
SSanshodhanसंशोधनresearch or investigation
SSanskaraसंस्कारtradition or culture
SSanskritiसंस्कृतिculture or civilization
SSanskritसंस्कृतthe ancient Indian language
SSansmaranसंस्मरणmemory or remembrance
SSansthaapakसंस्थापकfounder or establisher
SSansthaapanसंस्थापनestablishment or creation
SSansthaaसंस्थाinstitution or organization
SSantoshसंतोषContentment, satisfaction, happiness
SSantoshसन्तोषcontentment or satisfaction
SSantulitसंतुलितbalanced or equitable
SSanvedanashilसंवेदनशीलsensitive or empathetic
SSanvedanaसंवेदनाempathy or compassion
SSanvedanaसंवेदनाfeeling or emotion
SSanvediसंवेदीsensitive or emotional
SSanyogसंयोगcoincidence or chance
SSanyogसंयोगcoincidence or conjunction
SSanyojakसंयोजकcoordinator or organizer
SSanyojanसंयोजनconnection or attachment
SSanyuktसंयुक्तunited or connected
SSanyuktसंयुक्तunited or connected
SSarathiसारथीcharioteer or guide
SShambhuशंभुLord Shiva
SShivajiशिवाजीFounder of the Maratha empire
SShivanshशिवांशDescendant of Lord Shiva
SShridharश्रीधरLord Vishnu
SShrijitश्रीजितVictorious, one who always wins
SShrirangश्रीरंगLord Vishnu
SShrivatsaश्रीवत्सOne who has the mark of Shri
SSiddhaarthसिद्धार्थaccomplished or successful
SSiddhiसिद्धिsuccess or achievement
SSubhaashसुभाषgood speech or eloquent
SSubhadraसुभद्राauspicious or lucky
SSubhagसुभगfortunate or lucky
SSubhaktसुभक्तdevout or devoted
SSuchitraसुचित्रbeautiful or picturesque
SSudeepसुदीपbright or radiant
SSugamसुगमeasy or accessible
SSugandhitसुगंधितfragrant or scented
SSukartaaसुकर्ताgrateful or thankful
SSumanaसुमनpleasant or charming
SSumantसुमंतwise or intelligent
SSumedhसुमेधwise or intelligent
SSunavaniसुनवणीgood news or message
SSuneelसुनीलdark blue or black
SSurabhiसुरभिfragrant or pleasant
SSurajसुरजsun or bright
SSureshसुरेशlord of the gods
SSuryadattसूर्यदत्तgift of the sun
SSuryaprakashसूर्यप्रकाशlight of the sun
SSuryavanshसूर्यवंशlineage of the sun
SSuryaसूर्यsun or radiant
SSuryeshसूर्येशlord of the sun
SSuyashasviसुयशस्वीfamous or renowned
SSuyashसुयशgood reputation or fame
SSwaadheenस्वाधीनindependent or self
SSwaartheeस्वार्थीselfish or self
SSwaarthस्वार्थselfish or self
SSwamiस्वामीlord or master
SSwapnilस्वप्निलdreamy or fantastical
SSwaroopस्वरूपform or appearance
TTarakतारकStar, shining, brilliant
TTarkshyaतार्क्ष्यAnother name for Garuda
TTarunyतारुण्यYouthfulness, freshness, vitality
TTensionटेंशनAnxiety, worry, stress
TTrivikramत्रिविक्रमOne who takes three steps
UUdayउदयSunrise, dawn, emergence
UUditउदीतRising, ascending, blossoming
UUmeshउमेशLord of Uma
UUrzitऊर्जितEnergetic, lively, enthusiastic
VVijayविजयVictory, success, one who is always triumphant
VVikramadityaविक्रमादित्यSun of valour, a name associated with strength and bravery
VVikramविक्रमValour, courage, strength
VVinayविनयModesty, humility, politeness
VVinodविनोदEntertainment, joy, pleasure
VVishalविशालBig, grand, vast
VVishnuविष्णुThe Preserver, one of the three main deities in Hinduism
YYajneshयज्ञेशLord of sacrifices
YYatindraयतींद्रLord of sages
YYugantarयुगंतरEnd of an era
YYugeshयुगेशLord of the era

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In Conclusion, Choosing A Name For Your Child Is An Important Decision, And Choosing A Name Of Marathi Origin Also Adds A Touch Of Cultural Significance To Your Child’s Identity. Tea You Can Choose A Traditional Name With A Good Name Which Be Unique And The Most Important Thing Is To Choose A Name That You And Your Baby Will Love As It Is The Name That Is Associated With Your Baby’s Future. We Hope That This List Of Marathi Baby Boy Names Has Been Of Some Help And Inspiration To You. Best Wishes To You And Your Little Prince From

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